Chat Automation

Chatomate empowers businesses to get personalized customer engagement with quicker responses by automating conversations across channels along with fully integrated live chat for faster resolution.

Conversational Components

Automating conversations with Workflows, APIs, Custom Fields, Rich Media and NLP.

Live Chat

Increase agent efficiency with Canned Responses, Load Balancing and Agent Escalation.


Avail your business on Web, App and Social Channels 24x7.

Grow Customer Base

Chatomate is a hybrid marketing platform that will help you acquire new customers with campaign managers, integrated Growth Tools and multilingual customer journeys on social channels.

Grow Customer Base with AI powered Chatbots
Leverage AI based Automation with Chatbots

Leverage AI based Automation

Our platform is used to automate workflows using Natural Language Processing, Integrations, Custom Fields and Tags. This will bring complex use cases to life with personalized experience and reduced costs.

Avail 360° Managed Services

Get a team of Developers, Conversational Designers, Consultants And Customer Success Managers to onboard your Intelligent Virtual Assistants across channels in no time.

Avail 360° Managed Services

Reinvent Customer Experience In


Instantly respond to queries, set campaigns, and boost sales with the conversion of abandoned cart.


Provide an accurate and secure environment to make transactions and notify regularly in chats.


Provide instant help, ease up communication with regular updates and increase student engagement.


Make reservations, take orders and promote special deals with feedback follow-up.


Book appointments, set reminders for medication, and help patients with 24x7 support.


Qualify and nurture leads, book appointments, and answer FAQs with automated replies.

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At India Today, we want to deliver latest content to our viewers on WhatsApp, With Kevit’s Chatomate, we have automated content delivery and that help us reduce response time and increase net promotor score. I admire their promptness to deliver solutions.
- Deputy General Manager IT at TV Today
Tarun Sood
We wanted our first line of support to be automated followed by agent escalation, with Chatomate tech team expertise. We went live within 48 hours only, and I appreciate team promptness in addressing customer problems. Good Job! You are on the right track.
- Social Media Manager at Texila
Manikanda Prabhu
Managed services is what Chatomate team has achieved perfection in. We collaborated with Chatomate for omnichannel automation, and we are incredibly happy because they exactly know what true partnership require - trust, transparency, and responsibility.
- Product Alliance Manager at Route Mobile
Onkar Mayekar
Businesses aim to improve customer experience and that’s where Chatomate team is at its peak. We collaborated with Chatomate for automating business processes on all channels because they know exactly what to do and they take the word trust very seriously.
- Product Sales Specialist at Netcore
Prashast Trigunait

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