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“Can chatbots be used for lead generation and deliver better results than other digital marketing efforts?

“Are these bots better than typical landing pages for online ads to get a higher conversion rate?

“Is this approach of engaging customers through a chatbot is worthwhile?

So many questions about the effectiveness of chatbots and the answer are only one – “YES”, without any doubt! Do we need an explanation about this in 2020? Well, not. These numbers speak themselves –

Today, modern consumers are everywhere on the internet like E-mails, Social media, Messaging channels, etc. Marketers need to be there on multiple platforms to show their presence where their consumers are present. Chatbots can engage customers seamlessly and help businesses to target their audience effectively and help them generate leads. Big brands like Pizza Hut, Domino’s allows their customers to order pizza through chatbots across different platforms like Facebook and Twitter to engage their consumers from the platforms where their family and loved ones belong. So here is the question is –

How you can enhance interactivity and generate qualified leads with chatbots?

Here, when I added “qualified” before the word “leads”, you can imagine some extra process or effort which can identify the quality of leads or can qualify them properly. A conversational AI can be that filter from where you can get the leads that have more chances of conversion. To get a higher conversion rate, it’s necessary to attract and engage the right audience.

Suppose you are selling a Car. We can say a car is an essential thing for a family, couples and maybe for well settled middle-aged workers. But millennials are more passionate about these things. They have this eagerness and excitement about knowing new things. So, it is obvious that you’ll get millennial traffic on your websites or applications for inquiring about new cars and its features, but technically they are not a perfect lead for you. Because you can’t make a sale out of them.

So, what makes you collect qualified leads? If I speak a language of marketers them it will be a perfect “Funnel”. So, what will be the best funnel approach to enhancing interactivity and generating qualified leads? Here it is –

Funnel-driven approach to generate quality leads with chatbots

From driving your right audience to generate a lead, a whole process can be represented as a funnel which has main 3 steps –

  1. Attract
  2. Engage
  3. Convert
  1. Attract

The first and most important approach is attracting the audience towards your product. But targeting the “Right audience” is important. If your customers can see and share your product info in such a place where they already belong like social media platforms where they already spend hours, it can help your customers more easily get attracted by the information you share which can help them guide their own purchasing decisions.

One of the most effective ways to attract an audience is – Online ads. These ads will help you consistently add value for your target audience through necessary information, interesting and creative content and visuals, news that affects your customer’s decision, and more.

These ads have “Call to action” buttons, from where you can already filter the first level of interested customers and redirect them to AI-Powered chatbots to achieve an “engagement” phase.

2. Engage

It’s a proven fact now that chatbot is one of the best tools for customer engagement. As engagement is a critical element of any marketing strategy, here in a funnel it is one of the most important elements too. So, a rightly developed and trained chatbot can get in a tune with product topic and time which can hold the customer’s interest.

So, no matter how successful your ad was and how many customers you have driven form that ad if at this end you don’t have a perfect tool to keep your customer engagement, your efforts will get failed. Many brands fail to hold that audience as they don’t know what to do with their audience once they are connected.

A chatbot can serve relevant content and information and optimize timely service in order to engage your community. They can ask a set of questions to know the user’s interest and estimate the result that if they are right leading for the brand or not. So, their Artificial intelligence influence customer’s a decision and inspire them to take any action at that point of their journey.

3. Convert

Once the right customer is attracted by the ads and engaged with your chatbot, chances of conversion automatically get high. People buy when they trust your brand. And to have trust in your brand, the first two phases of this funnel are important to get success.

Chances are high that your current customers may have many touches earlier form your brand in different ways. May be directly from your representatives or via their network before making an actual decision to perform your desired action. Once we’ve attracted and engaged them by anticipating and providing them with the right answers to their queries, a bot can help them finalize their purchase and win the right sale for you.

So, the right manner to drive your customers to your business and engage them with a smart interactive conversational tool for a conversion can be a perfect marketing model to work for your business. Are you ready to tap into the generation of AI and automation to influence the right community that will help you grow your business? To take advantage of our proven marketing funnel approach, contact us at – coffee@chatomate.in or visit us here.


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