Enhance the Dining Experience with Conversational AI

Add better customer support on the menu with Conversational AI enabled chatbots for a simpler and personalized experience.

Enhance the Dining Experience with Conversational AI

Get Your Store Online

Automate table reservations to avoid long queues outside your restaurants. Take food orders for dine-in and drive-through, help with the menu and avail them of the option to reorder previous orders to simplify food ordering and decrease waiting time. Enhance customer experience with these automated services to earn repeat customers.

Get Your Store Online with Restaurant Chatbot
Set Up Support on Multiple Channels

Set Up Support on Multiple Channels

Avail automated support on channels where your customers are looking for you. Scale services on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Website and Mobile App to expand your brand presence and offer instant value-driven services for customers who are always on the go.

Automated Conversations Served Hot

Serve conversations that feel straight out of the oven- fresh and warm. Engage customers with smooth personalized conversations in their preferred languages and run campaigns to keep them updated about new menu additions, festive offers and upcoming events.

Automated Conversations Served Hot with Restaurant Chatbot
Collect Customer Reviews and Feedback

Collect Customer Reviews and Feedback

Make it easy for customers to provide reviews and feedback on various channels to improve overall brand experience. Happy customers are loyal consumers, so bring them back by making them feel valued and let them know that they mean more than just an order.

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At India Today, we want to deliver latest content to our viewers on WhatsApp, With Kevit’s Chatomate, we have automated content delivery and that help us reduce response time and increase net promotor score. I admire their promptness to deliver solutions.
- Deputy General Manager IT at TV Today
Tarun Sood
We wanted our first line of support to be automated followed by agent escalation, with Chatomate tech team expertise. We went live within 48 hours only, and I appreciate team promptness in addressing customer problems. Good Job! You are on the right track.
- Social Media Manager at Texila
Manikanda Prabhu
Businesses want managed services and that’s where Chatomate team achieved perfection. We collaborated with Chatomate for omnichannel automation, and we are incredibly happy because they exactly know what true partnership require - trust, transparency, and responsibility.
- Global Product Alliance Manager at Route Mobile
Onkar Mayekar
Businesses aim to improve customer experience and that’s where Chatomate team is at its peak. We collaborated with Chatomate for automating business processes on all channels because they know exactly what to do and they take the word trust very seriously.
- Product Sales Specialist at Netcore
Prashast Trigunait

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